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REGISTER NOW - it's quick and simple to  immediately access more than 15,000 insurance salvage vehicles each week that are being sold from insurance facilities nationwide.  


WHY BUY  INSURANCE CLAIM VEHICLES? It's the MONEY. Insurance claims vehicles are sold at DEEPLY discounted prices!


WHAT ARE INSURANCE CLAIM VEHICLES?  Theft recovered, vandalized, flood, storm & readily repairable collision damaged vehicles.
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WHAT KIND OF VEHICLES ARE AVAILABLE? Luxury/sport/exotic cars, suvs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, rvs, plus industrial vehicles and equipment.

HOW MANY VEHICLES ARE AVAILABLE?  You'll receive immediate access to a nationwide database listing more than 15,000 salvage vehicles each week that are being sold from insurance facilities nationwide with inventories changing daily.


WHERE DO THESE VEHICLES COME FROM? Direct from insurance companies and typically sold at 1/2 of their Blue Book value!

IS FINANCING AVAILABLE? Lenders are available to provide auto loans at rates as low as 4.75%


WHO ARE WE? We provide the general public with direct access to insurance salvage vehicles.
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HOW DO YOU BUY INSURANCE CLAIM VEHICLES? Register now to receive immediate  access to more than 15,000 insurance salvage vehicles each week.  All vehicles are sold with titles and worldwide delivery is available.


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$2,200  2015 HARLEY V-ROD  Was stolen and then recovered by the insurance company. Sustained engine damage.  PA-19-801

$5,500  2007 BMW 645Ci Convertible Was in a fresh water street flood, has sustained repairable water damage.  FL-69-884

$4,100  2008 BMW X5 Stolen from a mall parking lot and recovered by the insurance company. Doesn't start.  CA-16-972


$2,000  1994 SUPRA TURBO Stolen and then recovered by insurance company.  Sustained engine damage.  FL-80-112

$4,500  2010 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE  Has sustained readily repairable front end damage.  Starts and runs.  FL-69-187


$3,100  2012 MUSTANG GT Has sustained readily repairable water damage from a fresh water street flood. TX-22-043

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